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Atul Jalan is a compulsive entrepreneur. As a technologist, he is a keen observer of the changes science is forging in us. As a science storyteller, he brings us these observations through his talks and through his writing.

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The pace of change in the last 20 years,

has already changed us considerably.

What will the next 10 years bring?

How will technology impact our species?

How will it impact our institutions?

What will happen to jobs, religion, democracy?

What will happen to love and sex?

These debates are Where Will Man Take Us?

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About the Book

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Researchers from Universities Warwick, Luxembourg & @TUBerlin have used an AI #algorithm “to predict molecular wave function & electronic properties.” https://t.co/g7BJpBIYQt Read how #AI is pushing science in #WhereWillManTakeUs https://t.co/dAW9RzZ1Lr #nonfiction #Bestseller

TESS, the Planet Hunter, finds Exoplanet TOI 700d in a #GoldilocksZone. Watch this video for details of the discovery: https://t.co/EjVMGQ69Ud | Read more about #space research in #WhereWillManTakeUs? https://t.co/dAW9RzZ1Lr #nonfiction #bestseller @NASA_TESS

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