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in the next 20 years,

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than we did in the past 250 years.

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Most of us trace our ancestry back to primates. But we really should be looking at the fish that crawled out of the sea, for our journey starts that. We can explain how we got here, but we really can’t explain why we got here. Natural selection could have gone a million different ways, but where we stand, is where it got us.

Today, we stand at a significant milestone in our journey. Mankind has acquired the ability to put natural selection aside and do the gene-editing ourselves – the ability, to design ourselves. Where will we take ourselves with that? The merger of our inherited biology with the technologies we are creating, has also brought us to a stage where we will soon cease to be the species that we were.

As we stand on the brink of this colossal shift, we are also witnessing the world around us change. The institutions we built were built for a race that collaborated, but how we collaborate has changed. And our institutions are already changing around us.

Science is eliminating god after god-of-the-gap and soon we might see math and technology solve the few mysteries that still exist. This realisation that we live in maybe mankind’s most exciting times is what led to Where Will Man Take Us?

All of us are participants to this change. All of us are part of one of human history’s greatest moments, whether we like it or not. What role are you playing? You might see that in Where Will Man Take Us?

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