An entrepreneur, technologist and science storyteller

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” This Walt Disney quote best describes Atul Jalan.

Atul Jalan is always on the move. As an entrepreneur, as a futurist and as a thought leader, Atul is always on the lookout for the story that will develop next.

What began as a childhood love for science-fiction developed into a love for technology and for life-technology intersections. Atul believes that he belongs to a very lucky generation – one that grew up on Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke and now, is fortunate enough to see their imagination come alive.

With every passing day, the biology we inherited is merging with the technology we are creating. This makes us a species in transition and it is this that Atul loves to write and talk about – a bio-tech merger will probably change every institution mankind has created up to this point.

By day, Atul is founder-CEO at Manthan Systems, his fourth successful venture as an entrepreneur. Manthan was born more than 13 years ago as a result of Atul’s conviction that data and analytics would be the next big thing after the digital transformation. Today, several analytics-driven Fortune 500 companies rely on Manthan for their customer-centric strategies.

Atul is a well-known and frequently-heard voice on analytics and emerging technologies was acknowledged among India’s 10 Most Influential Analytics Leaders in 2015.

Atul is also, literally, always on the move. He is an incurable traveller and loves to document not just the sights but socio-economic, historical and ideological journeys civilisations and places take.

Atul is a persistent amateur poet and can always be counted on to recite a few verses when camaraderie sets in. Richard Feynman, Vivian Richards, Johannes Vermeer, Johannes Gutenberg, astronomy, quantum physics, the movies, Atul can be equally loquacious about each or any of these.

There’s always something around the corner, something exciting. There’s no rest.

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